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In order to capture the full details of all our students, parents are strictly advised to provide the following details on resumption,

Student’s name as written on the Report card

Admission number

Parents phone number

Email Address

Home Address

Date of Birth

State of origin

Local Government Area

Sport House


Residence type (boarder or day student)

It is very important that these details are well captured in your Child/Ward’s profile page, this will enable the School portal operators do the following;

1.       Periodically send CAs and end of term report cards directly to your emails.

2.       Parents will be able to get all messages sent from the school in details

3.       Admission number will be used to track student’s results.

Please note parents without email address are seriously advised to create one before school resumes as this will be required upon resumption.

Also Students without complete data will not be able receive or have access to their profile page to view assignment and report card.

Please click on to update your personal information now.

How to check your result

Are you a student? Do you want to check your result for any Session or Term?

Follow this few easy steps  to get your result on the fly....


1. Click on the School portal link in the navigation bar above

2. You will find yourself on the school portal page. There you will see 2 links: New Registration and Login.

3. Click on Login. Now enter your username and password as provided to you in school. If you don't have these details OR you have forgotten them, don't worry, just click on the chat icon at the bottom-left of the this page, a customer support agent will be available to help you.

4. When you have successfully logged in, Click on Report card to view current report card, or click on Past results to see result for past session/term.

 It's as easy as that!


For enquires and complaints, call 09060005987 and you can also send an email to

Get your ward admitted today

The College admits students from all over the country based on the quota system as laid down by the Government. There is no discrimination of any kind e.g ethnic or religious. Admission into Junior Secondary School or the Senior Secondary School depends on the academics performance of the candidates in the centrally organized examination by the Federal Ministry of education.

Admission Officer